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What is your brand's overall purpose?
What do you or your company aim to achieve with social media?
Who is your target audience?
What topics and sources of information are most important to them?
What problems can you help them solve?
What is your brand’s voice?
What emotions do you hope to convey through your brand’s visuals and messaging?
What are the main topics, categories or messages that support your brand?
How does social media fit with your other campaigns?
How do you measure ROI and define success with your social media strategy?
What is the customer journey from search to purchase?
Who are your top 3 competitors in your market? And why?
What are 5 things that makes your company unique? In other words, why should someone choose you?
Do you have a marketing budget?
What is your current marketing strategy in regard to maximizing SEO? -if you have a marketing strategy for SEO, what is your monthly allocation?
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