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The Optimus Coaching Program

In our Brand Optimization Program we cover everything you need to know to market and manage a digital brand. A few of the topics covered in our syllabus are how to pinpoint your customer persona, how to tactfully create a master content calendar to bulk schedule content, and how to incorporate KPI’s and analytics into your marketing strategy. If you are interested in applying for enrollment in our 6 month accelerated program, feel free to get started below! Don’t worry it’s free to apply and absolutely painless. We do have a limited amount of seats, but if you apply early and make it past our screening process, you’ll enjoy increased flexibility in scheduling when you register! ?

Click below to enroll in our 6 month accelerated Brand Optimization Program for the Oct. 19th start date!

Click above to enroll in our 6 month accelerated Brand Optimization Program for the Oct. 19th start date!

This program was specifically designed for the purpose of assisting businesses, organizations, and influencers in establishing a long-lasting digital brand! The program consists of the following:

  • Bi- Weekly consultations at $150 per 1 hour session
  • Unlimited communication via email outside of scheduled consultations
  • 1 Digital Notebook
  • Homework Assignments per topic discussed
  • Over 70 pages of resources
  • Digital Marketing Glossary 
  • Content Calendar Template
  • A growing Facebook Community over the course of this program to provide additional support and information

Building a brand is difficult, but it is not impossible. Our goal is to make this information accessible, so that those who are willing to put in the work can build the brand of their dreams!

Click above to enroll in our 6 month accelerated Brand Optimization Program for the Oct. 19th start date!

Click above to enroll in our 6 month accelerated Brand Optimization Program for the Oct. 19th start date!

Business Coaching

5 – 7

Did you know that it takes 5-7 impressions before a customer or client remembers a brand? That means that having a digital presence is vital to making your brand memorable to potential leads. 


Managing your brand’s awareness is key when it comes to lead generation and closing on a sale. But what is a brand exactly? A brand is a person’s perception of a product, service, experience, or an organization. Since it is linked to perception that means that a brand is something different to everyone, therefore placing it within the realm of subjective measurement.  In relation to your business, that means it is absolutely necessary that what you publish, what you say, and what you create align with how you want to represent your business. 


Having a strong digital presence not only makes your brand memorable, but it is also linked to increasing your bottom line. Studies show that consistently representing your brand across all digital channels increases revenue by 23%

The best way to manage your brand is through structuring your business alignment. Are your quarterly goals in alignment with your positioning statement and core values? Is your marketing strategy tailored to target your ideal client? Are you tracking meaningful metrics that communicate your progress in regard to reaching your goals? All of the previous questions are in strict cohesion with your business alignment which in turn affects your brand!

Take our FREE brand assessment to locate any possible areas of growth to improve your business!

Business Coaching
Business Coaching


Having tight sales and marketing alignment has been proven to increase closing rates by up to 67%


Businesses enjoy a customer retention rate of 36% when their sales and marketing are in alignment

Intentional Branding

Business Coaching

Intentional branding is at the core of every great business that has ever existed. Two of the most fundamental elements of intentional branding are color and design. When it comes to memorability, 80% of consumers think that color plays a large part in brand recognition. This means that it is essential that every facet of your brand from marketing materials to invoices is made with the purpose of representing your brand so that it is impressionable to your consumer base. 

We design custom business document templates such as invoices and NCR Forms so that your brand will ingrained in their as a cut above the rest! Schedule a ZOOM call or an in-person consultation with us and let’s talk about making your brand indelible in the memory of your consumers!

Our FREE brand assessment is structured to stimulate your thinking in regard to how you market your brand. It is used on our end to assess your marketing tactics and to gauge how we can help assist in improving your marketing strategy efficiently and effectively! Take the Brand Assessment below and get more insight on how your marketing is working for your business!

Take your brand to the next level.

Let’s discuss how we can help improve the overall business performance of your brand!