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Technology is rapidly changing the world we live in, and that includes the way businesses and consumers interact with one another! That’s where social media marketing comes in. Consumer behavior has changed in such a way that the marketing tools that we have grown accustomed to in the past have been deemed obsolete and its necessary to adapt to the changing times if you want your business to thrive!

Marketing on social media can get confusing fast and there’s no time to study everything there is know about it when the competition is already employing the latest techniques and strategies! 

Schedule a ZOOM call or an in-person consultation with us now and we’ll inform you on all there is to know about the latest buzzwords such as curated content, bulk scheduling, and competitive S.E.O. analysis!  Or you can leave it to us to manage and we’ll guarantee that the marketing for your social media platform will include quality custom graphics produced by experienced graphic designers that are tailored to fit your brands specific industry.

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Logo & Graphic Design

Digital Marketing

Quality graphics are a must in todays age of marketing and advertising! Businesses today need eye-catching graphics and capture  the eye of potential leads so that they will take the next step into your marketing funnel.

A logo is the center piece of your brand! It is the staple of your businesses. It is how your clients will be able to identify you when the time comes to show off your product/service. When it’s time to invest in merchandising, you want to make sure that when it is produced that it can be fitted to all surfaces and apparel. We make sure that the resolution is made within 300 dpi or greater, so that your logo will not be subject to pixelation and retain its quality no matter the canvas!

Marketing materials such as flyers or informational postcards are good for promoting events for specific dates in the local area. Or they can be used as a tool to summarize your product or services when speaking to large audiences at an event!

Good quality graphics not only help with branding, they also set you apart from the crowd when your potential leads are browsing through the competition!

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Digital Marketing Campaigns


Did you know that the median ROI for email marketing is 122 percent? Amongst all digital marketing strategies, email marketing ranks the highest in ROI. Which means that it is the number 1 way to increase your  revenue when it comes to digital marketing! 


Schedule a consultation with us and we’ll give you all the ends and outs on how to increase sales for your business using subject titles proven to increase open rates, curated graphics and content, and a structured framework to seal the deal !

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing


When it comes to social media marketing the statistics are staggering. Did you know that the industry average for spending on social media advertising is $4000-$7000 per month? Businesses would not invest that amount of money if the analytics didn’t show that the ROI was substantial enough to increase revenue and sales. Although this amount of money on average is spent on advertising via social media, it would be null and void if the quality of content isn’t up to par. It is important secure quality graphics, pictures, and video in order for your potential customers and clients to take the first step into your click funnel! 



Organic posts on social media only reach about 2% of all fans and followers on social media! That means that paid advertising is imperative if you want to maximize your reach and increase lead generation!

The average amount of posts of all businesses is 8 times per day. Now depending on your industry, it may be less or it may be more! No matter what the average is for your industry you’ll need to consistently post in order to make sure you’re reaching your numbers for engagement!


The best way to accomplish consistent posting across your social media platforms is with bulk scheduling! Same-day content production and scheduling is not a viable strategy and is completely inflexible. We’ve created a framework that is fully customizable so that you or your content management team can prevent same-day content creation and scheduling. Schedule a ZOOM call or an in-person consultation with us and we’ll help you develop a Master Content Calendar and improve your content marketing strategy!

Our FREE brand assessment is structured to stimulate your thinking in regard to how you market your brand. It is used on our end to assess your marketing tactics and to gauge how we can help assist in improving your marketing strategy efficiently and effectively! Take the Brand Assessment below and get more insight on how your marketing is working for your business!

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